Classics for Allen Fisher’s courses in WESTERN ART 1300-1800.

This page itemises the extracts from ‘classic’ texts, together with samples from introductions to some of these texts or synopses of them, for courses in WESTERN ART: 1300-1800.

Hesiod Theogony and Homeric Hymns: Aphrodite

Gantz, Extracts regarding The Birth of Aphrodite

‘Apollo and Cyclops’ from Aeschylus.

‘Arachne’ from Ovid.

‘The Furies’ from Aeschylus.

‘The Furies’ from Dante.

‘The Furies’ from Hesiod.

‘The Furies’ from Virgil.

‘Ganymede’ from Ovid.

From ‘Introduction’ to Aeneid by Bernard Knox.

From ‘Introduction’ to Oresteia by W.B. Stanford.

‘The Judgement of Paris’ from Robert Graves.

William Smith, ‘Cyclopes’.


2 thoughts on “Classics for Allen Fisher’s courses in WESTERN ART 1300-1800.

  1. Excellent, Allen. Thomas, a classicist, enjoyed it too. Some of these themes he is covering in his own WEA course this term, on Iconic Women in Greece and Rome!

  2. Very many thanks for your excellent lectures and the excellent standard you afford us. Really keeps the grey matter in tip-top action.

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